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110 Positive morning affirmations to start the day.

Affirmations improve your self-confidence and can help remind that you are just perfect the way you are. Affirmations are short quotes that will help you to become more balanced, aligned, productive, present and connect with yourself again.

Affirmations help us connect to the calm, focus, and sense of fulfillment that lies at the core of our being. Affirmations are good morning routine ideas, inspiring positive quotes, 365 daily quotes. Use them also as bedtime affirmations or “at the end of the day” quotes. They are great also as a starting point for sleep meditation, and you can use them as well as inspirational quotes for any day of the week.

All that I need is around me.  I just need to align myself, focus, and express gratitude.

1.  I am aware and present in the now.

2.  I surrender and enjoy the peace in my being

3.  I don’t let my fears control my being

4.  I feel grateful for what I have today

5. I allow silence in my life.

6.  I don’t take anything personally.

7.  I am the best friend of myself.

8.  I love everything I do.


Willpower allows me to do great things. When I use it, my life flows freely.

9.   I have willpower

10. I keep trying with a sincere effort.

11. I keep clarity in my mind.

12. I work with commitment and dedication.

13. I am conscious and am aware of my abilities

14. I make decisions.

15. I have a positive attitude.

16. I persevere.



When I try to reach perfection, I only experience suffering and pain.  

Perfection is not comparing myself with others.  Perfection is just how I am.

17. I avoid judging myself.

18. I don’t look for perfection.

19. I am fully unique.

20. I don’t punish myself,

21. I listen to myself.

22. I enjoy the freedom within myself.

23. I am honest with myself.

24. I was born to reveal myself.


Patience allows me to explore life. Patience makes my life unlimited.  Being aware makes my patience stronger.

25. I am fully aware of my breath

26. I enjoy every moment, observing, feeling.

27. I appreciate what life gives to me.

28. I don’t ignore a single moment in life

29. I replace gossip with silence.

30. I take doubt as an ingredient in life

31. I am here to enjoy life.

32. I am here not to suffer.


When I accept the freedom of others, my own freedom expands. Everyone is free.  Freedom is everywhere.

33. I never blame myself

34. I give freedom and receive freedom

35. I respect that people say things in their own way.

36. I don’t take offense at what others say about me.

37. I let others live in their own way.

38. I don’t try to convince others.

39. I listen to others without judgment.

40.  I respect others’ ideas and comments,


Whatever I think about, my focus goes there.

Wherever my focus goes,so does my energy.


41.  I stay focused

42.  I allow life to flow.

43.  I observe everything around me.

44.  I live in the present.

45.  I ignore attractions.

46.  I avoid distractions.

47.  I just focus on what really matters.

48.  I focus on the priorities and what really matters.


Adventure brings life. Never miss adventure because of fear.

The real adventure makes me know my real self.


49.  I take actions and allow life to happen.

50.  I love everything I do.

51.   I go beyond good and bad

52.   I accept what life brings to me.

53.  I live life to the fullest.

54.  I take risks.

55. I start to celebrate at this present moment, before my mind starts judging me.

56. I take action.


Everything in life has a mission. This brings me wisdom and liberation.

57. I inspire the community.

58. I enjoy all the freedom in life.

59. I express my gratitude to nature every day.

60. I feel grateful every day

61. I don’t allow Illusions or confusion to lead my life.

62. I accept uncertainty.

63.  I respect and enjoy my being.

64. I can’t control life


I know that without exploring unknown paths, I can’t achieve anything worthwhile.

With regular practice, I can master anything.

65.  I accept rejection.

66. I let things to be as they are

67. I am productive.

68. I am creative.

69. I use my energy wisely.

70. I avoid distractions as much as I can.

71. I fight.

72. I don’t regret


I just focus on what I am doing right now.

Because I know this way, my goals will be attained.

73.  I focus on today. I don’t look further.

74. I visualize my goal.

75. I allow risk in my life.

76. I avoid analyzing the past.

77. I decline to talk about others.

78. I bring to my mind the goal I want to reach.

79. I try not to talk much.        Instead, I take action.


If something is stopping me, it just means I am not totally dedicated to my efforts.

80.  I am brave

81.  I take challenge.

82.  I persevere and the universe supports me.

83. I give support to others.

84.  I persevere.

85. I accept doubt in my life.

86. I let everything be and allow myself to unfold.


Nothing can stop me if I want to be who I really am.

87. I am not concern of how others think about me.

88. I understand myself in any condition

89. I make way for my patience before judging someone.

90. I find beauty in simple things.

91. I contribute to life.

92. I feel and share love.

93. I don’t  compare myself with anyone.

94. I listen to myself.


My heart is always free. This is the meaning of life

95. I respect everything around me.

96. I respect nature, people, and animals.

97  I love the people around me

98. I receive and give.

99. I just celebrate.

100. I leave others to express as they are.

101. I never easily follow attractions.

102. I take care of my body.


Doubt is part of our reality. Doubt is not a weakness. When I use it wisely, it makes me see the realities of life more clearly.


103. When I start to judge myself and others,I start running from myself

104.. I avoid unnecessary talking.

105. I don’t allow my emotions to control me.

106. I accept that sometimes to improve, things need to get worse first.

107.  I love everything I see

108.  I know wisdom can come from unexpected situations.

109. I listen to others. I respect their opinions.

110.  I accept sadness is part of my revealing process.


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