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Why You Should Speak Affirmations Out Loud (Even if it Feels Weird)


Why You Should Speak Affirmations Out Loud (Even if it Feels Weird)

There is no denying that self care affirmations have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Instead of the narrative that speaking short positive affirmations to yourself is embarrassing, it has now has become an empowering morning practice and is often referenced in the morning habits of successful people. 

There is good reason for the rise in popularity though that shouldn’t go unmissed if you’re looking for an extra energy boost, push in motivation to get started on a new project or want to attract an abundance of opportunities. 

Affirmations can have a positive effect on your life, when used correctly. Often, people only choose to write down affirmations or read them quietly to themselves. This is a less effective technique. If you can garner the confidence to proudly state affirmations out loud, you could change the neuron structure in your brain which has long lasting effects.

In short, using powerful morning affirmations, literally works to change the thought patterns that develop in your brain. 

The important thing to know is that the way that you speak to yourself, truly matters. Thoughts that you think and words that you say out loud program your brain to interact with the world in a specific manner.

The notion of speaking positive words out loud can feel uncomfortable to most people. At least in the beginning. This uncomfortability can often stem from feelings of self consciousness, insecurity, or unworthiness. To overcome these feelings, start by incorporating self love affirmations into your practice. 

Once you overcome these roadblocks in your mind, you can have a transformative experience using affirmations.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short sentences using positive, powerful words to have an impact on your mindset and actions throughout the day. 

There is a wide range of affirmations that you can use, including affirmations for strength, positive affirmations for health, positive affirmations for anxiety and a multitude of mental health affirmations. - You just have to tailor affirmations to fit your specific needs.    

By practising affirmations you activate the reward system in your brain which has a huge impact on your emotional and physical well-being.   

Affirmations can also be used any time that you need a boost of confidence or to calm racing thoughts. Often, affirmations are incorporated into healthy morning routines as a self-care morning ritual. That being said, you can use affirmations to your advantage at anytime, including before big events like an interview or starting a new job to ease any anxiety.   

The easiest way to start using affirmations is by incorporating morning affirmations into your daily routine, as making this a consistent practice is how you gain the best results.

How to choose affirmations?

Choosing the right affirmations for you will change daily. We have a selection of affirmation cards where you can pick one card each day to inspire you. These cards provide a really simple and effective way to be consistent with your affirmation habit so that your brain is consistently programmed to believe them.   

Keep in mind that choosing your healing affirmations depends on exactly how you’re feeling in the moment and how you hope to feel in the future.   For example, our affirmation cards have a wide range of options. Choice our affirmations for productivity for 48 unique cards designed specifically to help you gain clarity, focus and take mindful action towards your goals.   

Or, our fulfilling affirmation cards which are positive affirmations for meditation and self-care which require you to look inward and awaken your true self. By speaking out loud just one of these unique affirmations each day you can connect to your intuition re-align with your goals and invite abundance into your life.   

The benefit of using affirmation cards is that you can be consistent with your practice. (We are going to keep mentioning consistency because it’s important. People often give up on affirmations before allowing the practice to really work its magic!)    

Ps. Our affirmation cards are unique and are outside of the stereotypical affirmations they you find online. The cards have a purpose and are specifically designed to help you reprogram your brain and look at the world in a more positive light. 

Why You Should Speak Affirmations Out Loud

Speaking affirmations out loud can be a weird experience, especially in the beginning.   You may feel as though you do not believe these affirmations and that what you are doing is “cringy” or just simply not working.   But that is far from the truth.   Speaking affirmations out loud is an immensely powerful practice, more so than writing or reading affirmations to yourself.   

When you speak affirmations out loud, you disrupt any negative thinking habits as your brain is focused on what you are saying. This literally builds new routes in your brain to let go of a negative minset and think positive, more fulfilling thoughts.   

How this works is pretty simple.   Your brain is created in a way to keep you alive. It has a generally simplistic nature where your brain prefers to create and take shortcuts. By using affirmations, you essentially hijack these shortcuts and force your brain into thinking new thoughts. Even if your conscious mind doesn’t believe the affirmations, your subconscious mind will.   

When you speak affirmations out loud, you stimulate your neural pathways and your brain physically changes.   In simple terms, affirmations help your brain tune into the good in your life.   Start by speaking affirmations out loud, in a quiet room, where you will not be disturbed, to help you overcome the initial uncomfortability.   

Repeat this daily until the awkwardness begins to diminish.   Over time, when you start to believe these affirmations, you can reinforce the impact by stating these affirmations whilst looking in the mirror. This forces a connection between the words you are saying and who you are saying the words to in your brain. (Yourself!)   

As you start to see the major impact that affirmations have on your mood, overall life and the abundance that you attract, this practice will get easier and easier. You may even struggle to look in the mirror without stating a positive affirmation.   

When to Use Affirmations

Affirmations can be used to overcome a variety of mental blocks. They can also be used in any situation to calm an overwhelmed mind, boost confidence or spark creativity.   You can speak affirmations whenever. Whilst most people will take five minutes in the morning to set themselves up for a day filled with positivity, you can say a couple of affirmative words to boost creativity and confidence whenever you need it most.   Here are the affirmations you should find for your specific requirements.   

 ●   Increase self-esteem - Body positive affirmations   

 ●   Overcome procrastination - Productivity affirmations   

 ●   Quit a bad habit - Health affirmations / Healing affirmations   

 ●   Anxiety, annoyance or fear - Affirmations for self love / Mental health affirmations.   

 ●   Increase motivation - Fulfillment affirmations   Identify the affirmations that work for you, make a commitment and take note of the effect on your overall well-being that occurs over time.

Key Takeaways

In conclusion, the most effective method and quickest way to see the results when using affirmations is by speaking self care affirmations out loud. By doing this, you really connect to the words that you are saying.   Overtime, your brain will become programmed by the words that you speak and you start to look at the world in a different manner.   The structures in your brain can be specifically tailored to your lifestyle if you make the commitment to doing so. Your brain changes through growth and learning. This is called neuroplasticity, which allows new neural pathways to connect.   By changing your mindset and speaking new thoughts into the world, you are literally changing the organisation of your brain.   When people incorporate affirmations into their life, for a consistent amount of time, they start to see the profound effect that occurs. This can look like an abundance of opportunities, improved happiness levels or feeling extra confident. It looks different for each person but the use of affirmations is a practice that everyone should incorporate.   Purchase one of our affirmation card decks to start your journey with affirmations and invite abundance into your life. Plus, let the people know in the comments your favourite positive morning affirmation to share the love! 


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