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Rise Up: 
Empowering Tools 
For a Stronger You

Elevate Your Everyday: 
Discover Affirmation decks, Planners, and Art That Inspire Strength

Navigate life's challenges with GRADO’s motivational tools, transforming setbacks into strength and embracing every moment with resilience and joy.

Live Inspired: Find Your Inner Strength Daily with Our Motivational Affirmation Cards, Artful Planners, and Art Pieces

Real Experiences, Real Change
“I was looking for so long for the right kid affirmation cards!! These are amazing! I am so happy with my purchase and would 100% recommend. The quality of the cards themselves, color and designs are just what I was wanting for my 4 and 2 year old kids! Thanks!”


“These mindfulness cards have been the perfect addition to my morning routine and I look forward to what my card each day will show me. If I am feeling stuck or unsure about what to journal about that day, the cards offer a great starting point. The bonus being they are beautiful to look at and very well-made. ”


“Love these cards! I really struggle with productivity and motivation at times and these cards have been a great support so far. l love the artwork and the cards are of good quality. Very happy with my purchase so far!”


Embrace Positivity and Live Inspired

Transform Your Life with Mindfulness

Live Mindfully: Planners for a Purposeful Life

Our planners are crafted to inspire mindfulness, 
helping you tackle challenges and stay rooted in the present

Your Gateway to Mindful Living

Discover a world of serenity and balance, and learn how to navigate life with a calm and focused mind

Ignacio de Grado, CEO and Founder of GRADO
"I believe GRADO's blend of art and authenticity is key to a mindful, resilient life."
"Art’s not about the final piece for me—it’s all about the wild ride of getting there. I let my creations do their own thing, living life in their own messy, beautiful way. It’s like a reality check, keeping me grounded and real. When creativity flows, that’s when the magic happens, turning cool ideas into even cooler products. 
It’s all about mindfulness, but not in a stuffy way, more like making life a bit brighter and more focused. Here at GRADO, we’re all about keeping it real, connecting the dots, and just enjoying the journey."

Why Choose GRADO

Mindfulness for Kids: A Journey of Growth and Awareness

Positive Affirmation Cards: A key tool for kids’ mindful development.

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