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48 Inspirational cards with handmade illustrations, packaged in a protective gift box

A deck of mindfulness cards to raise consciousness of the connection between care for the planet, and our own health and happiness. The Healthy Earth & Life Deck reminds us we too, are part of nature, and any harm we do to the planet is reflected in our own dis-ease.

Step into wellness with inspirational messages for eco-friendly living and sustainable, healthy habits. Remind yourself and others to live in alignment with nature.

  • Embody respect for the planet and its resources
  • Improve healthy habits
  • Inspire mindful eating
  • Use movement for personal and global healing
  • Reduce consumption and recycle when you can’t
  • Transform yourself by connecting to air, water, plants and animals
  • Improve awareness of the impacts of your actions
  • Recall that change begins with you
  • Product details:
    • Box dimensions: 14.5 x 10.5 x 3.2 cm
    • Card dimensions: 9.4 x 13.2 cm (3.70" x 5.2")
    • Includes explanatory leaflet
    • Card paper 400 gsm FSC certified
    • Product weight 330 g.

    Discover the Perfect Deck for Your Journey

    Embrace Your Best Self with Our Affirmation Decks

    Each of our decks is a tool to help you grow and find balance. Select the one that resonates with you and begin your journey to a happier, more content life.

    Boost Your Day with Positive Affirmation Cards.

    Cards for daily inspiration and self-love
    Find peace and positivity every day

    A Gift of Mindfulness and Positive Energy 
    for Yourself or a Loved One.

    Ways to Use Our Affirmation Cards

    Woman surrounded by multiple GRADO affirmation card decks, displaying a variety of options for personal growth and positivity

    Flip Through the Cards for Daily Motivation:

    Make it a habit to go through the cards one at a time, working your way through the entire deck. It’s a straightforward way to shake things up and gain a new perspective. 
    The affirmations and positive statements on each card are there to ground you, boost your mood, and help you feel more in touch with your surroundings. 
    You’ll notice yourself being more productive, using your time wisely, and holding onto important thoughts and ideas that tend to slip away when life gets busy. 

    Draw a Card for Daily Inspiration:

    Try picking a card at random every day for a spontaneous moment of reflection. It's surprising how often the card's message aligns perfectly with something you’re dealing with right at that moment.

    Once you’ve got your card, take a moment to read it carefully, front and back, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Decide on a small, doable action you can take that day related to the card’s message. For an extra boost, spend five more minutes with our gratitude cards, thinking about how you can use the affirmation to improve your day and bring more fulfillment to your life.

    woman holding a deck of GRADO affirmation cards, ready to engage in a transformative self-reflection session
    Woman using GRADO affirmation cards specifically designed to boost productivity and enhance focus in her daily tasks

    Boost Your Productivity with Visible Reminders:

    Keep one or a couple of affirmation cards by your workstation or computer. It serves as a constant reminder and visual nudge towards a particular focus or mindset that matters to you. This practice keeps you anchored, ensuring your thoughts stay positive and your workday stays productive. 

    These cards aren’t just for personal use; they can be a great tool for teams too! Placing them around the office can foster a positive attitude, enhancing overall performance and strengthening team bonds.

    Journaling Prompt

    Pick an affirmation card and use its powerful message as a starting point for your journaling session. Reflect on how the affirmation resonates with your current life situation, diving deep into your thoughts and emotions. Explore the ways in which the positive statement can influence your mindset and encourage personal growth. This practice is not only a method of self-reflection but also a step toward embracing a more positive outlook on life.

    Lifestyle scene featuring GRADO affirmation cards laid out next to a planner, illustrating a balanced approach to organization and mindfulness

    Testimonials: Transformations with Our Cards

    “For the last month or so, I have been really trying to stay consistent with my morning routine of journaling and mindfulness. I find that it helps me to stay grounded before everyone else is awake and the chaos of the day begins. These mindfulness cards have been the perfect addition to my routine and I look forward to what my card that day will show me. Highly recommend these cards to anyone who is looking to enhance their daily routines. They also make a great gift!”


    "I picked up the GRADO Inspirational cards to help inspire my students as they prepare for their finals. The art work on the cards is beautiful. I did notice that some of the cards had grammatical errors making them a bit difficult to read. Also, the descriptive side of the card was a bit lengthy in explaining the affirmation. Overall, these cards are a great way to help motivate your students and inspire them to persevere and do their best."


    I'm very happy with these cards! First, they come in very nice packaging, with an outside box as well as a strong inner box to hold the cards. The cards are really well illustrated, super cute. They are thick and sturdy but are not laminated. If you are interested in staying in tune with nature, these are great! They have nice quotes. There is a short quote on the illustrated side and the other side provides a little more detail about it.


    affirmations for healthy habits
    quotes for wellness
    mindful quotes for healhty habits
    healthy habits cards
    inspirational deck cards
    planet earth cards
    planet earth GRADO
    GRADO healthy living
    grado affirmations
    positive quotes health mental
    By being present and mindful, we find clarity and peace in our daily lives. This practice tunes us into our feelings and thoughts, enabling us to navigate life with deeper understanding and kindness. With mindfulness, we can better appreciate the small joys and cultivate gratitude and resilience. It's all about being in the moment, observing without judgment.


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