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Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards, mindful quotes and self love affirmations to enhance your life from the inside out and transform the way you look at things.

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Why affirmation cards?

Affirmations help us connect to the calm, focus, and sense of fulfillment that lies at the core of our being.

Affirmation cards improve your self-confidence and can help remind that you are just perfect the way you are.

Affirmation cards motivate to take action. They can be the trigger that you need to do your best every day.

Affirmations unearth ideas you didn’t know you had simply by changing your mindset.

Positive affirmations cards speak to us in the present tense, so we might realize the perfection that is available in this moment.

Positive affirmations are a everyday life tool for self love and self care


How to use affirmation cards?

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1 Use the card deck as a book

By periodically reading them one by one until you finish the entire deck, you will gain a refreshed perspective on your life. 

The texts and positive affirmations content will make you more connected to the present, have positive thinking, feel more engaged with reality, use your time more effectively, become more productive, and remind yourself of topics your ego often makes you forget.

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2.  Pick a random card every day as a daily reminder

Do it in a random way. You may be surprised how often the topic of the positive affirmations cards is fully connected to an issue that is going on inside you at that moment.

Once you have chosen a card from the affirmation cards deck, calmly read both the front and back, and then take heed of your reaction. Make a personal commitment to take action around the card's topic. Reflect on yourself 5 more minutes with our gratitude cards and see how you can make the most of the content and apply it to make your day and life more fulfilled.

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3.  Discuss topics with other people.

Our affirmation cards are an excellent tool for initiating mindfulness discussions with others and sharing opinions, feelings, and facts about your mindfulness practices.

We humans are very diverse, and understanding what issues other people have helps us to better grasp the issues happening around us and how we can connect with others in a more balanced and mindful way

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4.  Live conscious

Reading a few of the affirmation cards on a daily basis before a meditation session will prepare you to get the most out of your meditative moment. It will make you calmer, more present, and more ready to disconnect from your ego and travel in a mindfulness moment. Reading the positive affirmations also helps us maintain a proper mindfulness outlook, one that is focused on the present and not looking back too much.

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5.  Place one or more cards next to you to boost your productivity.

Place a few affirmation cards next to your computer screen or in your workspace as a daily reminder of something that affects you. Having the message in your visual field ensures that you are present and focused on that particular message, helping you to become more focused, have positive thinking , aware, and productive. 

You can also use the affirmation cards for your company or team, as a reminder of a certain attitude can help with your performance and team relationships.

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6. Affirmations for self-love and well being

Affirmation cards can be incredibly transformative, as they remind us of just how worthy we are and encourage us to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion.
By understanding the power of affirmations and incorporating just one affirmation card into our daily routine, we can enhance our self-love and experience a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Affirmations are most effective when practiced consistently with belief and intention.
Choose the affirmation cards that resonate with you the most and repeat them dailyto cultivate self-love in your life

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7. By practicing mindfulness, we can enjoy more peace and clarity into our lives

We also become more attuned to our thoughts and emotions, allowing us to respond to life with greater wisdom and compassion. Mindfulness also helps us to cultivate gratitude, inner strength, and appreciation for the simple pleasures in life.

Mindfulness is a state of being fully present and aware of what is happening in the present moment, without judgment or attachment

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Handmade illustrations

Our encouragement cards are printed with an artist’s original, handmade drawing, painting or sketch, done in one of several mediums.

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Cards are printed on FSC recycled papers, safely protected in a rigid paper box, and delivered in plastic-free packaging.

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Positive reminders

Affirmation CARDS are for individuals or groups, for personal practice or to help you sharemindfulness with others.

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