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undated planner , GRADO
undated planner, grado
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life planner, weekly GRADO, undated planner
life planner, weekly GRADO, undated planner

Sustainable. No plastic wrappings.

Each planner is sourced from eco-friendly materials, printed on FSC 100 gsm recycled paper, and delivered in rigid box.

undated planner, monthly layout
undated planner, monthly layout

Undated, Weekly view,12-month.

Our undated planners are suitable for beginning on any day of the year. View the entire week at a glance.

undated planner, happy planner
undated planner, happy planner

Plan your time your way.

Take notes, journal, set goals. Our undated planners includes more than 40 blank pages for creative, personal use.

Undated planners affirmations grado

Journaling for self-awareness

Keeping a journal can be freeing and empowering in many ways. It can help cultivate creativity and stimulate self-awareness, allowing us to identify our aspirations and what brings us joy. In addition, writing down our goals can help us to stay motivated and on track, while recognizing the little things that bring us happiness gives us a greater appreciation of life.

self journal grado, undated planner

Journaling For Self-Reflection

Life purpose journaling is a process of self-reflection, exploration, and discovery. Essentially, it involves writing down your thoughts, feelings, and ideas on paper to gain greater insight into yourself. Through regular journaling with an undated planner, you can gain a clearer understanding of who you truly are and what makes you unique

weekly journal planner grado, undated planner

Journaling Improves Mental Health And Well-Being

Studies have shown that journaling can help to improve your mental health and well-being. A 2017 study found that journaling helped participants to experience fewer negative thoughts, greater emotional resilience, improved self-awareness and a better understanding of their purpose in life. As such, it can be an effective tool for learning more about yourself and taking steps towards living a more meaningful and fulfilled life. 

Regarding your purpose in life, you can uncover your true passions and goals and begin taking action steps towards achieving them.

undated planner, to do lists

Introduce a New Approach to Productivity

Unproductivity is detrimental to everyone who wishes to reach goals and get things done. Procrastinating might feel good at the moment as it gives you some time to breathe, relax and do activities that are perhaps more engaging. Still, you will regret it later when lots of work piles up and you don’t know where to start to do everything on time.

Instead of stressing out with such situations, you can take advantage of an undated planner. These useful tools will push your tasks forward by reminding you of your obligations. Seeing a long to-do list can be more effective than just having it on your mind.

In return, this will help you manage your stress levels. It will also ensure your mental health doesn’t take a blow because you are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities.

to do lists, undated planner

A mindfulness planner Teach You More About Your Behavior

Mindfulness planners can be used to track your emotions and behaviors. Slowly but surely, you will notice some patterns. There will be correlations in how you feel and act in certain situations.

Without writing them down, it’s hard to remember these actions. This means that you won’t know what behaviors you should fix. But with an undated planner, you can get to know yourself better. In return, this helps you have healthier responses to stressful situations.

You can even let your psychiatrist or therapist take a look at the planner and observe your habits. This way, you will be advised on what to do in the future.

undated planner, passion planner, undated planners


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