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5 morning routine ideas

by Talia Hopkinson

5 morning routine ideas

If you have ever heard about the morning routines of successful people, then you will know that building morning habits is essential for not only success but happiness too. 

So, if you’ve got big ambitions, having a mindful morning routine will not only spark creativity but drive you towards your desired path in life. - Seriously these steps could change your life. 

A mindful morning simply consists of a few healthy habits that you can easily incorporate into your day to change your perspective and leave you feeling ready to overcome any challenges that are put in your path.  


The main aim of this list is so you can have a healthy morning routine that leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take on the day.    So, if you’re the type of person that gets out of bed five minutes before you have to leave, but have dreams of being one of those people on Instagram that have this seemingly aesthetic morning routine of waking up to the sunrise, then this list is about to transform your life.    


Creating a mindful morning routine really isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Follow these five steps, for as little as a week, and you will see a huge change in your productivity

A Mindful Morning Begins With Waking up Early


You might not want to hear this but the first key factor to a successful morning routine is setting your alarm for early in the morning.    

Whilst this doesn’t need to be excessively early, (you don’t have to join the 5 AM club just yet) the earlier you wake up means more time that you have to enforce healthy habits.    

If you wake up later in the morning, you are likely going to feel rushed and out of alignment.    

Simply, set your alarm for an hour earlier than when you have to start your day.  

Within this hour, prioritise your own mental and physical well-being. Oftentimes, this step can be challenging to implement in the beginning but trust us, you will grow to love this hour dedicated to self care.

ways to have a mindful morning

Avoid Your Phone to Limit Cortisol Spikes 

Secondly, for a productive morning routine, you should avoid picking up your phone or using any type of screen at all.    As soon as you pick up your phone you are subjected to your emails, notifications and messages that can spike cortisol which will inevitably make you feel stressed.   

For example, if you are somebody that goes on your phone in the first hour of your morning, you often find that you get drawn into your phone more throughout the day then somebody who does not. Your phone is also a source of instant gratification and as soon as you receive a notification, you will experience a dopamine hit, which will keep you coming back for more throughout the day. Which will likely lead to feelings of anxiety and unworthiness.   

Dedicate an hour in the morning to your morning rituals and leave your phone in another room. - Thank us later for this one. 

Meditate to Process Overwhelming Thoughts  

Meditation is a great way to reflect on how you would like your day to go.   This is another key factor in a billionaires morning routines as it allows time for deep introspection (and a little manifestation).   Not only that, but it also gives you time to process overwhelming thoughts and feel centred within your body.    

It can be challenging to motivate yourself to sit in silence for an even 10 minutes, so creating a relaxing environment filled with essential oils and comfortable questions can really make this experience therapeutic.   

Incorporating a simple 5 to 10 minute meditation into your mindful morning routine can have significant effects on your motivation throughout the day. 

Speak Affirmations Out Loud (Even if it Feels Weird)

Another easy morning ritual is to start using affirmations.   The way that you speak to yourself can affect your confidence in amazing ways that can only be truly experienced when you begin to practise daily affirmations. But believe us, the effects are worth it.     

At first, speaking affirmations out loud may feel uncomfortable but over time your brain physically begins to believe them and put them into action.    

The impact of affirmations is truly profound and we have found that our best sellers are our affirmation cards. We have cards designed for everyone including kids affirmation cards as well as cards made with productivity and fulfilment in mind. 

Journal Your Thoughts 

A healthy morning routine allows you to create space in your mind and clear the chaos that can accumulate.    If you’re the type of person that often wakes up with overwhelming thoughts of anxiety or stress then journalling is going to be a really powerful tool for you.   

Just like your mindful morning routine, journalling looks different for everyone and there is no specific way of how you should journal.    

To begin with, set a short alarm of 10 minutes to write in your journal. This will motivate you to implement this step as it only takes a short time. (When you begin to incorporate this more, you may get lost in journaling your thoughts and spend a much longer time on this step - which is great!)     

That being said, if you’re struggling with where to start, then begin with writing down how you are feeling, any residual emotions from the previous day, things that you are grateful for and how you wish the day to go. 

Key Takeaways

The number one thing to remember when creating a mindful morning is that you are the priority.    

The more you value your own self care, the more you will see growth in various areas within your life. How you set up your day is important, so avoid screens and use mindfulness practices like meditation, journalling and affirmations instead.   

 With all that in mind, creating a healthy morning routine takes a commitment to consistency, but those that are willing to create that time, undoubtedly see a dramatic positive effect.  


 Use these simple tips and create the perfect morning routine for yourself and come back to let us know how much your life has changed!


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