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Teacher christmas gifts- Give Mindfulness as a Gift

Nhu Grado

Teacher christmas gifts  - Give Mindfulness  as a Gift

Summer has long gone, and fall is closing a cycle once more very soon. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is just around the corner. 

And we all know that during the holiday season, gift-giving is as important as Christmas caroling. You just need to find that perfect gift that will make people smile with glee.

The problem is that most Christmas gifts are very basic. As we run out of inspiration, we go for the most basic things on the shelf. You can’t go wrong with a shower gel kit, right? Well, while appreciated, nothing screams “special” about that. Your gift should make a difference, to make its way into the receiver’s soul. Thankfully, this can be done through mindfulness – and here are a few ideas in that category.

1. Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards are a great gift if you want to bring mindfulness into another person’s life. These first-person statements encourage confidence, calm and positive thinking. They insert ideas in your head that make you feel at peace, with more clarity than ever before.

Affirmation cards are something that most people may not expect but can encourage a positive change in their lives. Whether they are silently recited or read out loud, they can help those who find themselves in a rut or feel down. It can help them find a direction in life if they don’t feel like they are living to the highest potential.

affirmation positive quotes cards grado

You can consider the inspirational cards offered by Grado, such as the Productivity Cards or the Live a Fulfilled Life cards. They have an artsy design, and they help the receiver change their view of how life should be approached.

2. Mindfulness planners

Undated planners are also a great gift, especially for people that love to keep journals. They help you track appointments and meet deadlines, helping you stay organized with your life. Most people can indeed operate without a mindfulness planner but getting one should help get the edge off.

If the receiver is a very busy person, then a mindfulness planner may help them. With every small thing noted down, there are fewer chances of them forgetting something. These planners may also be used to remember essential motivational quotes that can get you through the day.

We offer such mindfulness planers that you can gift your loved ones. You may go for the Planet Earth and Healthy Life Planner, or our undated planner.

3. A coloring book.

Coloring has proven to have a soothing effect, both for children and adults. It is very efficient for stress relief, regardless of the scenery that you are painting. For this reason, many therapists recommend picking up coloring books to lower your stress levels

affirmation cards kids

There are plenty of coloring books out there that focus on mindfulness. For instance, Color & Frame - In the Forest features forest art by Stacy Peterson. You may also try Mindful Mandalas, with its calming mandala patterns and designs. Seeing how the colors bring a plain picture back to life can help soothe one’s nerves, making it the perfect gift.

4. Sand meditation boxes

During meditation, you often write your thoughts, feelings, or thoughts for the day. Many meditation boxes already have cards and items within, but they can often be very heavy to carry around. This is why sand meditation boxes may be such a nice gift for Christmas.

One example of such a meditation box would be the one designed by Jane Riew, but there are other similar models. There, the recipient of the gift can write their creative yearnings and hidden thoughts, allowing their emotions to swirl. By letting their mind wander, they can live in the moment.

If you are feeling particularly artistic, you can try to create the box yourself. All you need is a small, tablet-sized box and some sand. Kinetic sand may be less messy, but for a soothing experience, go for regular sand. Add the white-colored type, as it has a calming effect.

5. Ecouragement for children

Mindfulness helps you revel in the moment, recognizing value and beauty while observing your own thoughts and actions. This can be a rather difficult concept to teach children unless proper methods are used. This is why parents will be very grateful when they receive encouraging gifts for their children.

affirmation flash cards kids

A good option for a gift would be a gratitude journal. In these journals, children can write down the things they are thankful for. They can write or draw their feelings, whichever is easier for them. Mindfulness planners by Grado can be a very good gift, as they are aesthetically attractive for children while helping them stay organized. Each day is clearly marked, so your child can express their gratitude and thoughts every day.

6. Singing bowl

Mindfulness is closely tied to hearing the right sounds. In this case, a Tibetan singing bowl might be the right choice for a Christmas gift. The sounds vibrating from this bowl will induce mindfulness and relaxation. Plus, the sound will promote better health, both in body and soul, allowing people to reach an enlightened state.


Go for a Tibetan singing bowl that can easily fit inside a pocket. This way, the recipient can take it anywhere during their travels. Mindfulness should not only happen at home. So, go for something they can easily place in a bag. Also, it is much easier to concentrate on the mindfulness session if the bowl does not sit uncomfortably in the hand.

7. Mindful breathing jewelry.

Meditation requires you to slow your breathing to a certain extent. To calm your mind, you need to calm your body as well. The problem is that not many people know how to breathe properly during meditation. This can prevent them from going deep within the session.

In the 17th century, Kosumo monks from Japan used bamboo flutes to obtain enlightenment and slow their breathing. These same flutes can be used today as well, but there are even better options. Meditation flutes were created in jewelry form, with the “pendant” no bigger than a finger. You can wear it around your neck and meditate whenever you want.

The Shift flute created by Komuso follows that exact design. Other brands also create these breathing flutes, so they are not hard to find. Likely, you will see these flutes at any yoga shop nearby. They may be called “flutes,” but they are silent and can be used anywhere for stress relief.

8. Meditation bench

Meditating can be uncomfortable for beginners, especially if they are not used to sitting in the same position for a long time. The Sukhasana pose, which is defined as the Easy Pose, is not as simple when you are not used to sitting cross-legged.

If the person you are planning to gift mindfulness to is a yoga practitioner, you may want to give them a yoga bench. This tool was created to help keep your legs at a lower level, removing the pressure from your knees. Your loved ones will never have to worry about their legs falling asleep again.

There are many options, such as the Bluecony or the Florensi meditation benches, which allow you to sit in comfortable positions. They even enable you to customize your position if sitting cross-legged is not your cup of tea.

9. Wellness scented candles

When you are practicing meditation, you may need a soothing scent to bring you to your happy place. You can focus on a relaxing scent, as mindfulness is all about finding your inner calmness. It’s even better if the candle’s jar has a nice and elegant design.


Scents such as lavender, lemongrass, or sage are great options for meditation practitioners. That being said, if you want to keep the Christmas theme, you can also go for pine or tangerine candles. Choose a fragrance that is not too overpowering. This way, you do not disturb the person’s flow as they go deep into the practice.

10. Yoga mindfulness guides

If you have a friend or a relative who is interested in mindfulness but never got the chance to practice, you can always gift them a book. For instance, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance and the Art of Living by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman may be a good start.

This particular meditation book is filled with inspirational quotes that can help encourage the readers. If the receiver is not a reader, you can offer them video guides, such as Meditation for Beginners with Maritza. These will walk the listeners through the practice, encouraging them to clear their minds and embrace peace.

The bottom line

Christmas is a time of happiness and joy, and the gifts should reflect that. If you are planning someone’s Christmas gift, consider bringing some mindfulness into their lives. They will certainly love it, no matter if they are new to this world or if they have been practicing for a long time. Think about their personalities and buy the appropriate gift.


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