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7 tips to get more focused

7 Tips to get more focused

Ignacio de Grado

It is quite common to feel after a long day that we have not been productive at all. A feeling of have wasted the whole day. Distracted, not focus, not efficient, spending time in a wrong way. 

Many factors are implied in your performance, like knowledge, perseverance, experience. But focus is undoubtedly one of the more important ones. 

Our inspirational deck The productivity cards is a great tool to become more efficient and focused.  You can use our cards to become more productive and focus.

In this blog article we have included some tips for you to become more focused. Because when you are focused your performance is better. You feel productive, full of energy and with a feeling of achievement.


1 Identify priorities


A good planning in a project is a great tool. The clearer are our priorities the better is our focus. Because in order to be focused we need clear targets. Prior to starting a project, spend some time discerning the priorities. A common mistake at this point is to misunderstand what you think the priorities should be and what the priorities really are. Think about the purpose of your project or job, what is it defined for, what the results should be and identify clearly the priorities. Make a list, manage the necessary the resources. Put your personal preference aside of needed. Think of what really matters in your project. Avoid thinking what you want and do what is needed.

Misunderstanding the priorities of a project can lead to huge disappointment, and very often lack of time to reschedule and fix the project. This lack of approach will make you focus incorrectly, not achieving your goals.


2 Use your energy efficiently


Wherever your focus goes, so does your energy. This is an inspirational quote from our inspirational deck Ojas. Be aware that any mental activity demand energy. Sometimes you forget this. Physical activity makes you tired, but mental does as well. So, every time you focus on wrong ideas or aspects of a project there is a spend in energy. Energy is not limited and if we are tired it will affect our focus and the results of the project. For this reason is not recommended to make big changes in a project at the end of the day. Allow time to rest and be full of energy the next day .

Introducing exercise in your life will help for your focus ability. Being more fit will make you a hard worker, and a fresh body and mind is an extraordinary tool to solve problems.


3 Avoid distractions


Distractions are a great consumption of time. Think about yourself in which environment you feel more focused. Some people have great performance working alone in their own room environment. Others feel productive surrounded by other likeminded people. If you have an active social personality avoid places with more people, separate work from socializing.

Using mindfulness tools such as our GRADO inspirational decks is also a great way to become more aware, awaken and present. Your state of mind affects very much to your capacity to avoid distractions. Avoiding thinkin too much to the present and past. Introduce meditation in your life to make your mind more quiet and balanced.

Avoiding distractions also demand effort from your side. Willpower and perseverance. Learn to read yourself and identify your weaknesses in terms of distractions. All of us have things that make us especially distracted. Identify them and avoid them with a little bit of effort. Keep regular habits.


4 Have healthy habits


The connection between body and mind is something you should be aware of at any moment. Having a messy life does not help for you to get more focused. Bad sleeping habits are also not good. To become more focused and have good performance, it is better to introduce healthy routines in your life. The clear and more balanced your mind is the better your focus will be.

Don’t eat much when producing work and avoid heavy food. Make exercising a regular habit in your life. Cardio activities a great meditation in movement when we are in the middle of an exercise, because when our heart is active mind can not think easily. Go for a stroll if you feel blocked, allow mind to rest. Intuition can appear in the most unexpected moments. Focus capacity is strongly related to our health condition.



5 Visualize your goals.


Even if you are able to focus well, without clearly defined goals it is difficult to achieve anything worthwhile. Before starting something, spend some time defining goals and discerning priorities. A clear view of what has to be done is key in order to be successful. From that moment ton focus on your goals an visualize them constantly in the present as if they were achieved. The mind focus much better with this approach ands you will use your energy much more efficiently.


6 Make discipline a habit in your life.


You need to train yourself. Feel fit. In a way that being disciplined is not a great effort anymore. Introducing healthy routines in your life will make your mind and body stronger and more willing to make extra efforts and work hard. The more regular you are on your efforts, keeping a regular schedule the more disciplined you will be. Perseverance and discipline will make you focus better, with less effort and accept that sometimes things need time.


7 Become a better observer.


You have so many distractions, problems and expectations that very often your mind is not attached to the present moment. Our body is here but you are not. Observing is a great mindful exercise. Just look around you trying to not to produce any thought, you will feel some kind of different environment, because you are focusing on what you have around you. Observing is not only a visual activity but also auditive. Sometimes you are working hard and don’t find a solution because you are not looking at the right thing.

Allow more observation and silence in your mind. Take rests, avoid distractions. Go to nature from time to time and just observe everything around you, the wind, forests, rivers. Make your mind at peace. All these practice will make you focus much better.


Focus is one of the most important factors in your practice. Everything in your performance starts from here. Better focus, better quality work. Better focus, more balanced life and personal relationships. Use GRADO decks as a tool to help you in this matter and GRADO planners for a mindful daily approach planning your daily life.


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