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5 ways to enjoy life


5 ways to enjoy life

1 Celebrating every day

Life is  manifestation of celebration. Just enjoy simple things and the present moment. Purpose in life is not other thing than being here, present enjoying everything around me. Celebrating every day means being grateful for everything I have, staying positive and having a mindful approach to problems.

Celebrating means surrendering to situations I can not control, accept setbacks and persevering in my tasks.  Celebrating is just stopping for a second and focusing on everything around me, the sound of the wind, water and animals. Celebrating is just being yourself.

2 Looking after planet earth

You belong to nature and nature takes care of you. We need air, water, animals and plants. Recycling and having a sustainable life is my obligation. Appreciating life means respecting the environment where you live. Listening to birds, wind, water is a pure manifestation of nature. Express gratitude to nature every day through your acts. The best way is to live in harmony with your planet allowing things to happen naturally.

Look inside you and find the deep connection you have with nature. How breathing air in a mindful way brings you balance and awareness, how eating vegetables makes you sharp and focused. Be aware about climate change and avoid plastic as much as you can. GRADO Planet earth will make you connect deep with nature and healthy habits.


appreciate what life gives to you

3 Finding beauty in the simple things  

Beauty is not something exclusive for work of arts, exceptional human creations. Beauty is everywhere in life, you just need to be able to look correctly. Simple things are a source of beauty and happiness. Simple acts, simple things, simple thoughts.

The more beauty I find in simple things the more fulfilled I will have in life. Distractions, emotions and temptations often drive me to suffering. Expectations is something to avoid. Be present, enjoy the moment, pay attention to the subtleties of life. Finding beauty in simple things is a way to celebrate life. Live a fulfilled life GRADO cards will give a lot of mindfulness guideline for this matters.


4 Giving support to others

Celebrating life starts from a deep love for yourself. Loving yourself is connecting with your true self and revealing your authenticity. Becoming aware and balanced. This inner state allows you to give support to others in an authentic way. A way that is a pure manifestation of life celebration.

Everything in the world is interconnected and every human being is special and unique. This is a truth I share with others, and show them my support. Giving support to others is also enjoying their presence, not expecting anything from anyone based on what they appear to be.

5 Revealing myself

When you are present, your true self appears. This authentic self is an expression of love and your real spirit. When  you decide to reveal yourself you are really capable  of truly loving others. Revealing yourself can deliver your full potential and that’s also a way of celebrating life. Full potential is being yourself and utterly unique.  Revealing yourself is also appreciating what life gives to you. Accepting that all you need is around you.  You just need to align yourself , focus and express gratitude. Lastly revealing yourself is also a great way to listen to yourself, which is not other thing than enjoying life.


GRADO inspirational cards bring you support to become more present and understand better how to celebrate life from a simple way of life.








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