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Official release April 2022

Boost your spiritual side – connecting with your real self, understanding emotions, ignoring distractions, focusing on what really matters, and realizing that change starts within.

The problem is me, not others.

The problem is me, not others. 5 ways to understand our reactions written by Ignacio de Grado You may have at times experienced the feeling of not being understood by...

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How to understand our emotions

How to understand our emotions   Written by Ignacio de Grado Emotions are part of our existence. Anger, fear, joy, revenge, optimism, among many others, appear on and off in...

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Art as a mindfulness tool

Art as a mindfulness tool. Ignacio de Grado Art has been part of human evolution for centuries. It can be generally understood as a manifestation of creativity, imagination, and uniqueness,...

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How to use GRADO mindfulness decks

How to use GRADO mindfulness decks.   Ignacio creates all the illustrations using the artistic process as a mindfulness practice itself. Painting, drawing, sketching, sculpting, and any other artistic practice,...

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