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    Increase the qualities self-discipline, perseverance and resilience

    Lates from productivity blog

    7 tips to get more focused

    It is quite common to feel after a long day that we have not been productive at all. A feeling of have wasted the whole day. Distracted, not focus, not...

    The importance of visualizing goals

    When it comes to achieving our goals, our brains are more powerful than we might think. Many of the successful figures we see on screen today have reached their goals...

    Tips to identify priorities correctly

    Successful projects are built on solid foundations. Managing your time and your projects can often be confusing and frustrating. You may find yourself wasting time going back and forth without...

    5 reasons I am not productive

    Life is a trip full of setbacks , problems but of course also a journey of joy and happiness. When you have a problem in our life, in our job,...


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