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Five reasons why you are not able to solve a problem

5 reasons you are not able to solve problems

Written by Ignacio de Grado

Life is a journey full of setbacks and problems, but of course, also one of joy and happiness. Unfortunately, when we have a problem in our lives, in our jobs, we often feel that we are not capable of finding a solution. As a result, we may become emotional, unbalanced, and detached from reality. Take a look at the following five possible reasons why you may not be finding a solution to your problem:

1. YOU ARE not looking in the right place

The solution may be right in front of you, but one of the reasons you're not finding it is because you are not looking in the right place. In the case of an emotional problem, a problem in a personal relationship, it can be difficult to be objective. You may think that others are to blame and not you, and quite often, the reason and the solution to the problem lies within yourself. If you are trying to solve a problem in a project, in your job, or simply something like trying to install a new piece of furniture in your apartment, stop for a minute and just observe. Pay attention to the factors you have considered so far and look at others. 

There's probably something you haven't paid attention to. Something your mind thought might not be important, but it's perhaps more significant than it seems. Observation and silence are great for finding solutions. If you've identified other things you haven't noticed before, you may have found the beginning of the solution to your problem.


Focus is vital in your life. However, keeping your concentration and being able to pay full attention to the task at hand or the things around you is much more difficult than it may seem. Your mind is prone to distractions and emotions, and it is easy to lose focus on what matters. To focus better, you need to practice discipline, introduce healthy habits into your life, sleep well regularly, not eat too much when working, and even better, introduce some mindfulness practices into your life, such as meditation. Focusing on the wrong things will keep you from using your energy in a positive way. GRADO Inspirational decks are excellent mindfulness tools to help you focus better and become more productive..


Intuition is not an innate talent. Intuition is something you get better at through experimentation, discipline, observation, and perseverance. I like to think of intuition as a kind of whisper from our inner self that suddenly gives us a solution to something or opens the door to an unexpected path that will eventually solve the problem. Generally, the older you are, the more experienced you are, the more intuitive you will be. Sometimes you may not be ready to solve a problem, that's true, and usually it's because of a lack of experience. At times, you have to wait for the right moment in your life to be able to find a solution for something.


Solving a problem can sometimes be a lengthy process. For instance, a personal problem can take a long time to solve if you have been emotionally affected by negative circumstances around you. Determining priorities and goals within the solution to the problem is key. Not identifying priorities correctly will sometimes lead to even worse circumstances. When you have a problem, first take some time to observe, allow for silence, and let your inner self reveal to you what really matters. Take as much time as you need at this stage of any problem-solving process.


This is an important one. Sometimes it's hard for you to see that you are not working hard enough. You tend to look for excuses when things don't go well instead of looking within yourself. You pursue distractions and lose your balance. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved in life without discipline and perseverance. Talent is only a good starting point. As a result, a lack of discipline greatly affects our capacity to solve problems. Solving a problem often requires dedication and effort, experimentation, and hard work within ourselves.

Our GRADO brand has excellent tools for working within yourself to solve problems so that you can become more intuitive and balanced


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